In this section of the website you’ll find all sorts of supporting information for coaches, officials, volunteers and gymnasts.

Many of the items here will direct you to the main British Gymnastics website, but as that is so big it can be a little tricky to navigate!
For that reason, you’ll find the latest versions of important documents copied here.
If you are aware of newer versions of any of these, please email me so I can update them.


Competition Reference Documents for 2020

British Gymnastics

Trampoline Tumbling National Competition Handbook 2020 V1.1

TRA NDP Competition Structure 2020

DMT NDP Competition Structure 2020 (Revised 22.07.19)

TRA DIS Competition Structure 2020

TUM and DMT DIS Competition Structure 2020


Competition Reference Documents for 2019

British Gymnastics

TRA-TUM National Competition Handbook 2019

TRA Domestic Competition Structure 2019 Overview

TRA NDP Competition Structure 2019

DMT NDP Competition Structure 2019

TRA FIG Competition Structure 2019

DMT FIG Competition Structure 2019 1 July


Competition Reference Documents for 2018

British Gymnastics

TRA NDP Competition Structure 2018

TRA Disabilities Competition Structure 2018

DMT NDP Competition Structure 2018

TRA FIG Competition Structure 2018

DMT FIG Competition Structure 2018


English Gymnastics

English Trampoline Handbook 2018 v2


Competition Reference Documents for 2017

Trampoline and Tumbling National Competition Handbook 2017 v2.0 (Published 7th Sept 2016)

Trampoline NDP Competition Structure 2017 v1

DMT NDP Competition Structure 2017

Trampoline Disabilities Competition Structure 2017

Trampoline FIG Competition Structure 2017

DMT FIG Pathway 2017

English Gymnastics Handbook 2017



These are set to become the basis for regional competitions from October 2017, with the introduction of Horizontal Displacement being the main change.

FIG code of points 2017-2020 synopsis v2 TRA-DMT Nov 2016

FIG Trampoline Code of Points 2017

FIG Technical Regulations 2017

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